Without Albert Finney, there’d have been no Delilah.

Albert Finney, one of our greatest actors, died yesterday, aged 82. He rose to fame in the early 60s, around the same time as a young singer named Tommy Woodward was struggling in the working men’s clubs around South Wales. In 1963, Finney starred in Tom Jones, based on Henry Fielding’s bawdy 18th century novel. It made him an international star. And when Tommy Woodward came to London the following year for one last-ditch attempt at stardom, he latched on to Albert Finney’s popularity. He changed his name to “Tom Jones” and based his whole image on the sexy, carousing Tom Jones as played by Finney. The rest is history. Woodward went on to phenomenal success as “Tom Jones”. Finney enjoyed similar success on stage and screen but was never impressed by honours, turning down both a CBE and a knighthood. Sir Thomas Woodward OBE, however, was far more easily flattered.