I bet he’s glad to get away.

Poor Simon Mayo. A talented, intelligent and exceptionally nice broadcaster whose Radio 2 Drivetime Show was enjoying record listening figures. But now it’s all gone horribly wrong. As part of the BBC’s initiative to get more women on to the primetime schedules, he’s been lumbered with Jo Whiley as his co-presenter. It’s a disaster but it isn’t Jo Whiley’s fault. She too is exceptionally nice, but the show doesn’t work because she simply isn’t good enough. Too bland, too safe and not the quickest of wits, she nonetheless continues to enjoy a high-profile radio career that her talents don’t merit. Listeners have switched off in their thousands and there’s a huge online backlash – led ironically by Mumsnet – for the BBC to admit its mistake, remove Jo and restore the show to its former excellence. Simon is currently on holiday but if he ever plays this track, he must think “Exactly”