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Fifty years since man first went to the moon.

It’s the first real moment in history that I can actually remember. Throughout the 1960s, the whole world was obsessed with space. And yet, once the USA had beaten the USSR to the moon, the “Space Race” slowed down dramatically then fizzled out completely. This despite predictions that we’d all soon be travelling to Outer […]


The only other person I heard say “Gertcha”.

Was my Grandad. I remember him saying it whenever his displeasure was incurred. Which was quite often. My sister remembers him uttering some other words, mostly beginning with F when she was with him on the No.52 bus and he forgot to ring the bell. His vocabulary could be quite mysterious. At bedtime I remember […]


He was older than the BBC.

RIP Jimmy Young, who died yesterday aged 95. “JY” was one of the most famous broadcasters this country has ever produced. A British institution and host of Radio 2’s mid morning show from 1973 until 20002. Broadcasting was, of course, his second career. He’d already enjoyed great fame as crooner in the 1950s. It’s well […]


Testing again

Just seeing if this works…


One, two. One, two…….

I used to be a DJ. I’ve spent much of my working life in recording studios. And every time anyone ever tests a microphone, they say “One, two. One, two” or maybe “Testing – one, two. One two”. It’s as though there’s a law against saying anything else. This is my first attempt at writing […]


Hello world!

YORKSHIRE TV HILL Welcome to my brand new website. Slowly I’ll be adding some cool stuff and an insight into what I’m doing – so check back regularly. Until then enjoy the site. PB