Elton John Lewis

This week saw the launch of the new John Lewis ad. Elton John’s starring role was one of the worst-kept secrets in advertising. It’s a spectacular piece of work, beautifully put together. And yes, it is more an ad for Elton John than for John Lewis. What’s more it will definitely pique interest in Sir Reg’s forthcoming farewell tour and in Rocketman – the new biopic due for release in the spring but so what? It’s fantastic. Just one thing: I wonder how Elton feels about the use (yet again) of Your Song – his very first hit. It’s a bit like saying, “Elton? You know those hundreds of millions of records you’ve sold since 1970? Well, none of them are as good as that first one”. Could have been worse, though. They could have used one of the early tunes that he learned as a child on the piano.