Famous. Though not in the way they intended.

I urge you to watch “Bros: After the Screaming Stops” on iPlayer. As my friend Andy Mac urged me. Words cannot express how ignorant, pretentious and ludicrously self-important the Goss brothers are. Andy compared it to The Office and Spinal Tap but, whereas they were spoofs, this is for real. It’s simultaneously hilarious and tragic and the brothers’ farcical pronouncements are comedy gold. Bros were the definition of “flash in the pan”. At their brief apex of fame, they announced a huge concert at Wembley Stadium. By the time it came round, they were practically forgotten and the stadium was two-thirds empty. And yet it’s hard to dislike them. Their breathtaking arrogance is softened by an almost touching naivety. Bros are unlikely to understand why they’re now cult figures. They’ll honestly believe it’s their talent and charisma. Which is why a straight-faced cover of this could be their next single.