Fifty years since man first went to the moon.

It’s the first real moment in history that I can actually remember. Throughout the 1960s, the whole world was obsessed with space. And yet, once the USA had beaten the USSR to the moon, the “Space Race” slowed down dramatically then fizzled out completely. This despite predictions that we’d all soon be travelling to Outer Space and possibly moving to Mars. And yet no human being has journeyed outside the Earth’s orbit since 1972. Bit odd, isn’t it? A lot of people believe – with quite compelling evidence – that the Moon landings never happened. I’m not sure I agree but if this famous conspiracy theory turned out to be true, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised. For me, this record sums up that era perfectly. Because in 1969, there were two things I desperately wanted to be: an astronaut and a skinhead.