Geek Chic.

Happy Birthday to my old friend Peter Horne. We were at school together and, I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this, he was the clever, bespectacled geek from Central Casting. But guess what? He didn’t care. While most of his classmates supported Arsenal or Spurs, Pete was a staunch fan of Wealdstone FC. He followed his own path with no interest in whether his tastes were in or out of fashion (usually out). He was always a huge music fan and as likely to be into a Liszt piano sonata in B minor as weird unlistenable bands like The Enid. I’m delighted to report that he’s still his own bespectacled man: true to his tastes and true to himself. Still loves Wealdstone, still loves all sorts of strange music. And unlike most people, I bet it’s not the word “geek” he’ll object to, it’s “chic”.