Hopefully, that’s the end of it.

For 2018 anyway. We’ve enjoyed a long, glorious summer and even yesterday it was still warm enough to wear shorts. But all summer, we’ve been assailed by a visually unpleasant triple whammy. Pale bald men in shorts and open-toed sandals. Head, legs, feet, ugh! The bald head, of course, cannot be helped and when it comes to the legs, I’m a fine one to talk, having barely worn a long trouser since April. But men in open-toed Birkenstocks or worse still, flip-flops, should not be seen in public. Visible male feet are only okay on a beach or round a pool. I saw a trebly pale Triple Whammy yesterday in a cafe in Crouch End. And he was talking in a very loud voice about Brexit. I trust he’s now in custody.