The ill-mannered man.

He’d be aghast at being described in this way. He’s always charming, always courteous and always smartly dressed. Too smartly dressed. And that’s the problem. The definition of good manners is making the other person feel comfortable but this man’s too-immaculate apparel has the opposite effect. I saw him today and for once he wasn’t wearing a suit and tie. No, it’s the weekend so just the tailored sports jacket, silk cravat and highly-polished brogues. His over-smart attire can make you feel quite uncomfortable. As you would if you saw someone at a formal dinner in a string vest and flip-flops. But I recently discovered that he comes from a banal suburban background and re-invented himself when he went to Oxford. This explains a a lot. It’s all a facade. So this is for him. Because this is how he’d probably dress for a trip to the tip.