What is it about the name ‘Jeremy’?

I thought this when watching Hugh Grant’s wonderful portrayal of Jeremy Thorpe – lying, scheming but charming former leader of the Liberal Party. There are a disproportionate number of people called Jeremy whom huge swathes of other people seem to loathe. Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy Corbyn and now Jeremy Kyle. The name carries that whiff of public school self-entitlement and all four aforementioned Jeremys could certainly be accused of that. Jeremy Kyle’s horrible, human freak show TV programme was been axed after the alleged suicide of one of his ridiculed guests. Good riddance to a man whose entire career has been about cashing in on those less fortunate than himself. But here’s one Jeremy I do like. After this brilliant and stupendously rude hit, Jeremy Healy became a pioneering dance music DJ and producer. How much more fun would British politics be if this particular Jeremy was Leader of the Opposition?