King Kenny.

Kenny Dalglish was knighted yesterday in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. And not before time. He remains the greatest player ever to wear Liverpool’s famous red shirt. And as a player and manager he achieved more than his fellow footballing knights Geoff Hurst, Bobby Robson and Trevor Brooking put together. But it’s what he achieved as a human being that really sets him apart. His response, as Liverpool manager, to the Hillsborough disaster was truly magnificent. His compassion and sense of duty will never be forgotten. He visited the injured in hospital and attended the funerals of every one of the 96 people who died. Add to that the constant attention of the world’s media, and the grief and strain he endured must have been unbearable. But I’d like to think that amidst the tributes, he’d smile at being reminded of the awful 1970s pop group who shared his name.