Always loathed him.

I’m talking about Morrissey. Just the sound of his voice – whether in a pretentious, self-mythologising interview or warbling in any number of awful Smiths tracks – is enough to bring me out in hives. Now many others have come to share my opinion over his voluble dislike of immigration and his endorsement of the far-right “For Britain” party. This is an organisation that even Nigel Farage described as “full of racists and Nazis”. But if I were Morrissey, I wouldn’t worry. Give it a few years and The Guardian will be fawning over him once more. They were delighted to announce that their other idol, Elvis Costello, has been awarded an OBE, despite once calling Ray Charles a “blind ignorant n*gger”. I can’t think of a Morrissey or Elvis Costello track that I like so instead, let’s enjoy the sort of joyous, multicultural music that these two creeps would no doubt despise.