Those I have loved.

I’m talking about cars because I’ve started getting very nostalgic about old cars I used to own. I’ve suddenly realised that I can see them all on Google Images. Identical models to the ones I once drove. Today I was getting misty-eyed about a 1974 special edition VW Beetle “Jeans” that I bought back in the 80s. It was bright orangey-yellow (such a 1974 colour) with – get this – blue denim upholstery. Hence “Jeans”. Cost me £600 but would be worth about ten times that now. One weekend, I was driving with a girl down to the coast in it when this song came on the radio. It was a gorgeous day like today and I remember thinking that I was as happy as it was possible to be. Though for me it wasn’t so much “Jeans On” as “Loud, Tasteless Shorts On”.