Lulu turns 70.

Unbelievable. If you’ve ever seen her in real life, you’ll know that she looks about twenty years younger. Though I also think “Only 70?” She had her first hit in 1964 with Shout but she was only 15. By the time she was 20, she had her own prime time show on BBC1 but by the 1980s, she was all but forgotten. I was a DJ back then and always played a lot of sixties stuff. Shout was a particular favourite, especially when I made drunken revellers lie on the floor and kick their legs in the air. More and more DJs picked up on it until I was hearing Shout at practically every club I ever went to. It was re-released and was a hit again in 1986. I told Lulu once that she owed her second wind of fame to me. I don’t think she believed me. Any more than you do.