Nick Clegg joins Facebook

To the surprise of absolutely no-one, a failed politician secures himself a highly lucrative position within an organisation to whose values he was supposedly opposed. Nick Clegg isn’t an evil man – just vain, unprincipled and easily seduced by money and power. As leader of the Lib-Dems, he apparently couldn’t believe his luck in forming a coalition with the Tories. No Lib-Dem leader had ever got close to the levers of power but suddenly Clegg was Deputy Prime Minister, swanning around in a limo and, when Cameron was “chillaxing” in Cornwall, actually running the country. MPs would traditionally forge successful careers first, then go into politics later. But politics is increasingly seen as a mere stepping-stone to making millions upon leaving Westminster. Just look at the naked post-parliamentary greed of George Osborne or Tony Blair. Next up from Clegg? Maybe another self-aggrandising autobiography. I can already guess the title.