Normally, I’d have cycled.

I love to ride my bike, especially on a beautiful day like today, but sadly I don’t enjoy it any more. There’s far less room on the roads now but not because there are more cars. It’s more because cars today are so much wider. Compare the size of the current Mini, Fiesta or Fiat 500 with their predecessors. And that’s before we get to all the SUVs, 4x4s, gigantic buses and gargantuan dustcarts. But even that’s not the main reason. It’s chiefly because London’s roads have been narrowed into “pinch points” and made so much more hazardous for cyclists with humps, slabs and traffic islands. There’s no longer the space necessary for the weaving and wiggling that made cycling such a pleasure. In short, it’s just….well, I’ll let Iggy explain.