The people of Watford.

My school was in Wealdstone. But because it was one of London’s last grammar schools, its catchment area was huge – stretching all the way from Kilburn to Kings Langley. Lots of pupils journeyed in from Watford, and they were slightly different from the rest of us. It was as though they came from a very proud and independent nation. Watford was – still is – a thriving town and the first real separate place north of London. Watford had its own brewery, its own theatre, a famous nightclub called Bailey’s but most importantly its own proper football club. In 1984, with Elton John as chairman, they reached the FA Cup final but lost 2-0 to Everton. 35 up-and-down years later, they’re back in the FA Cup final. Once again, in common with all my Watford ex-classmates, my fingers are crossed. Too obvious to play an Elton John track. This one is far more suitable.