The perfect antidote to Glastonbury.

Glastonbury. What’s not to loathe? So smug, middle-class and “establishment”. A bit like the Chelsea Flower Show or Last Night of The Proms. But at least these events and those involved in them acknowledge that they’re solidly establishment. Whereas middle-aged “Glasto” enthusiasts behave as though they’re rebellious and non-conformist. “Ooh, aren’t we edgy? We’ve got Stormzy this year and Kylie’s headlining even though we despised her in her heyday”. As for the John Peel Stage – let’s not even go there. So it was rather nice to chance upon Greg Edwards on Mi-Soul this afternoon. A man who, through his groundbreaking Soul Spectrum show on Capital in the 70s and 80s did more to popularise black music in this country than practically any other broadcaster. Here’s a classic Soul Spectrum tune and let’s remember – without Greg Edwards in 1978 there would be no Stormzy in 2019.