That’s QPR after the first three games of the season. Three defeats, no points, bottom of the table after yesterday’s 7-1 thrashing by West Bromwich Albion. No team should ever concede seven goals to another side from the same division – it’s inexcusable – and the buck must stop with new manager Steve McClaren. This man will be forever derided as the “Wally with the Brolley” after his disastrous tenure as England manager. As England lost 3-2 to Croatia, and therefore failed to qualify for Euro 2008, McClaren stood uselessly under a big umbrella to avoid getting his hair wet. He was sacked the following morning and his subsequent forays into club management have been equally dismal. How any football club could appoint such a serial failure is beyond belief. QPR were supposed to be challenging for promotion this season but if they admit their error and remove McClaren immediately, they might just avoid relegation.