I should have put money on it.

I should have gone down to the bookies about ten years ago when I first thought that Boris Johnson would become Prime Minister. Even when I said so on this very blog five years ago, I’d have got very decent odds. Back then, he wasn’t even an MP and Brexit wasn’t even a word. Beneath that clownish facade lurks an astoundingly bright, ferociously ambitious schemer who’s once again outfoxed his detractors. Yet some still insist that he’s a bone-idle buffoon, ill-disciplined and ill-prepared for Number Ten. Trust me, meticulous preparations will have been made over the last three years as the hapless Theresa May careered from one disaster to the next. A formidable team will have worked out exactly what they think should be done and tomorrow, they’ll swing into action. Whether this will be good or bad remains to be seen but I imagine this will be Boris’s theme tune.