Rich Peckings

To the Reggae Comes to London exhibition at Peckings Record store in Askew Road, Shepherds Bush. I hadn’t been there for about 20 years and assumed it must have closed down but no, I was delighted to discover that it’s still run by Duke and Chris, two sons of George “Peckings” Price, the original owner who first brought reggae to London when he sold Jamaican imports out of a suitcase in Ladbroke Grove around 1960. I don’t think Duke remembered me but Chris certainly did. We talked about all the old photos, flyers, record sleeves and the beautiful vintage Blue Spot radiogram that made up the exhibition. We recalled the affinity between London’s Irish and West Indian immigrants. In fact, Chris’s dad loved country music while mine had a soft spot for reggae. This old gem combines both genres and I remember buying it many years ago. Can you guess where?