One of the most remarkable ads I’ve ever seen.

Not for its idea but for what it was advertising. Double Page spread in the Evening Standard for Billy Joel at Wembley Stadium in June 2019. Run that past me again. Double page spread. Billy Joel. Wembley Stadium. In eight months’ time? I love Billy Joel. I saw him at the Hammersmith Odeon around 1990 and he was fantastic. But since then, he’s barely made a record. How on earth can he be playing Wembley Stadium at the age of 70? Wembley are clearly expecting the show to sell out and, such is our insatiable thirst for nostalgia that they’re almost certainly right. What can you say except good luck to him. When he had a hit with this in 1978, he could never imagined that “My Life” would include a sell-out gig in front of 100,000 fans more than forty years later.