All football fans know the story of AFC Wimbledon. In 2002, Wimbledon FC was cynically re-located to Milton Keynes and renamed MK Dons to attract a larger fanbase. So fans of the original club decided to form a new team, holding trials on Wimbledon Common for anyone who wanted to play. They began in the tenth tier – at the very bottom of non-league football. Six years ago, they were still a non-league side, four divisions below Blackburn Rovers in the Premier League. But two further promotions for Wimbledon and two relegations for Blackburn have now put them in the same division. On Saturday, they played each other for the very first time and Wimbledon won 1-0. That’s an astounding achievement and I’d happily support AFC Wimbledon if it wasn’t for two things: 1) I don’t live anywhere near Wimbledon. 2) Their nickname is “The Wombles” and their fans sing this at home games.