RIP George Martin.

The great man died today, aged 90 and tributes have been paid to the “Fifth Beatle” who produced all their records, developed their work and was therefore one of the greatest cultural influences the world has ever known. But it wasn’t just The Beatles. Throughout his long career, he continued to produce other hits too. In 1963, while the Fab Four topped the charts with She Loves You, George Martin was also in the Top Ten with this – a much more complex production. I think it’s extraordinary. He used the immense orchestral backing sparingly so that Shirley Bassey’s majestic voice could take centre stage. This one record transformed her from the sweet faux-calypso of “Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me” into the magnificent and instantly recognisable “Shirley Bassey”. Sir George Martin was a true musical genius and without him, this may well have been a lot of people’s theme tune.