Springsteen on Broadway.

I love Bruce Springsteen. But paradoxically, I’ve never liked his music. I know that sounds odd but I bet I’m not alone. He is, without question, a genuine rock icon and a phenomenal live performer. However, I was always put off going to see him by his cult-like fans, treating every gig like a quasi-religious experience. I’ve always found the idea of Bruce Springsteen much better than the reality. But last night on Netflix, I watched Springsteen on Broadway. It’s simply Bruce in a theatre rather than a stadium, giving a stripped back performance of stories and songs. I loved it. Well, I loved the stories anyway. He’s an honest, funny and expressive raconteur. But of course, as soon as he went into a song, I zoned out. So I’d recommend just watching this fantastic trailer. Because, as ever, the idea of Bruce Springsteen is much better than the reality.