Stand by for the inevitable documentary.

Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols was released 40 years ago today. And since then we’ve had constant commemorations of punk because it was a largely middle-class thing. And the kids who embraced it grew up to be cultural commentators for The Guardian, or commissioning editors for the BBC. That said, Never Mind the Bollocks remains an iconic album and 40 years ago, that cover was genuinely shocking. The Pistols made a few good records. But so did Donna Summer. Including this, also from 1977, one of the greatest and most influential records ever. Far bigger than punk, it set the template for practically all subsequent dance music. However, Donna Summer fans were ordinary working-class kids, not middle-class punks. She was black, female and sexy. Therefore – no matter what they claim now – of no interest to devotees of punk, possibly the most white, male and asexual genre of music ever made.