A suspiciously short marriage.

Sir Ken Dodd died this morning 48 hours after marrying Anne Jones, his partner of more than 40 years. Doddy must have known the end was nigh and, at 90, he must also have known that he and Anne were unlikely to celebrate many, if any, wedding anniversaries. So why the deathbed wedding? It could only have been for tax reasons. The National Treasure was never a great fan of the National Treasury. In 1989, he was charged with tax evasion and it transpired that he had almost £350,000 in cash hidden at his home in Knotty Ash. The old rascal was acquitted but may well have got spliced just before he popped his clogs to deny the taxman a great deal of money. In Doddy’s book, wouldn’t that be the true definition of “Happiness”?